We operate with passion, dedication, and sheer joy. We are a family-run business, committed and involved in nuances, however we focus on the continuation of tradition for generations ahead. Therefore, we work together on creating the best possible product regardless of the task and its difficulty.

Our motto and slogan is “Authenticity”, and that is why we are absolutely certain in the quality of our products. We put heart in our products, that’s we use the highest quality of timber (wood) solely from rationally exploited forests. In our business, we use traditional and proven methods, passed down to us from earlier generations, utilizing raw materials, in our case wood. Aside from preserving our traditional style, we also take on more modern projects from engineering sources, basing of a modern production line.

We pay close attention to precision and detail. The majority of our products are handmade and meticulous. Attention to detail guarantees effortless assembly and long term comfort. Not only does our business create traditional woodwork, but also specially ordered products that require high amounts of responsibility and skill.

The stability and durability of our solid chevron parquet products became recognizable and naturally progressed into producing super wide floorboards as well.

The crucial part of our mission is a bespoke service. We can construct custom designs our clients’ projects utilizing various block shapes and color shades. Woodcraft is our pleasure.

We treat each individual tree as a vital part of the ecosystem. Therefore, you can be sure that your order is based on responsibly exploited materials.