French & Hungarian chevron The wooden, French herringbone-patterned floor gained its
popularity among French kings and nobility in 16th century. The flooring captivated with its precise,
symmetrical pattern and also added sophisticated elegance to interiors. Now it has returned with a
more modern twist – a oil-wax finished Chevron floor. The unique charm of the Loire region is
affirmed by anyone who visited the Louvre Palace or the residence of French kings. The buildings
are renowned for their richness and finely fitted wooden floors. They inspired us to develop a
Chevron line – an elegant and functional floor fitted in the French herringbone pattern.
The Chevron parquet is a unique finished floor – short sides of individual planks are cut at a
45-degree angle, thus forming a shape of an arrowhead. Cutting planks during the production
operation shortens fitting, and guarantees a high-quality installation of the complicated pattern,
which would be very difficult if each plank was cut separately. Contrary to a traditionally fitted French
herringbone floor, a Chevron floor does not require post-fitting sanding, filling or varnishing. It also
has an unprecedented tongue-and-groove connection at a front edge – so the far fitters have had to
work with so-called biscuits.
A Chevron floor is reminiscent of bygone eras. The floor is a perfect match for decorative interiors of
suburban residences or renovated manors. The pattern is gradually becoming popular and is being
applied by architects more often, as a finish of suburban Scandinavian-style or avant-garde interiors.
The planks are best for large rooms, whereas parquets will optically enlarge smaller interiors.