What is engineered flooring and why should you choose this type?

This is a modern type of flooring constructed with multiple layers. The most common type of engineered flooring is 2-layered (double layered), where the top layer is made from solid wood veneer (usually 3-6mm thick) and the bottom layer is waterproof birch plywood.

The second option, a very prestigious product 3 layer solid hardwood, connected in a cross-wise construction to give it increased stability.

The layers enable the floor to achieve a good ratio of stability and flexibility, allowing it to be more suitable to use in more demanding environments (ex: underfloor heating).

The advanced construction of the engineered wood flooring reflects also on its quality, which is usually higher than solid wood.

Engineered flooring is more difficult to produce and requires modern and precise machinery.

Many producers offer various prefinishing services, resulting in the floor being prepared to install without need of sanding or sealing. Engineered flooring is effortless in installation.

The majority of floors are offered with the “Click Glueless Systems” to connect the boards together.