Have you ever considered installing solid wood flooring in your house. Should you consider it? Why? Here’s some basics you need to know.

Solid wood flooring is a natural and healthy product that has been used by humans for ages. The natural appearance of the wood and its durability made the wood flooring the most desired type of flooring.

This type of flooring is a “living” material, that breathes and absorbs moisture from the air. This natural behavior creates a healthy, non allergic and clean environment in the room, but may cause some imperfections over time.

Prior to installation, consulting with a profession is advised. Solid wood is truly unique, meaning there are no two identical pieces. It has a good heat insulation – warm feeling while walking barefoot. As it is absorbable material, it has endless combinations of colors and finishes. Solid wood has also resandable surface, allowing the floor to be restored to its original beauty even after a 100 years.

Solid wood flooring comes in many design patterns (floorboard, herringbone, chevron, brick, endgrain, etc), allowing the client find the one fitting the desired preferences.

Wood is recyclable material, therefore after 100 years it has a value. Solid wood is a valuable material that has an immense impact to your property.