Extra Long and Wide Floorboards Collection

The extra-long and wide floorboard collection is made by hand with a high level of attention to detail and with passion. The width of the floorboards can reach up to 500mm with the length reaching up to an astonishing 10m. The carefully selected wood is always sourced from European forests and orchards which are managed meticulously. The collection as a whole is dedicated and made for those who thoroughly understand and appreciate the natural character of the wood, as well for those who want to experience the ambiance of nature in their home. In the collection, we have a wide selection of trees to choose from, including Oak, Ash, Walnut, Elm, Maple.

In addition to the pure craftsmanship that the floorboards are, this collection includes a dedicated service regarding the selection of appropriate construction and assembly solutions for your project, the possibility of personalizing finishes, and post-installation service on request.