• Chevron Parquet

    Chevron Parquet (24)

    Inspired by French chevron of 45° and 60°, Hungarian point chevron parquet blocks we have launched into our collection. We can make it any size from approx 350mm long up to 1000mm long. Available as either solid or engineered. To complete our offer we can also make a customized finish and select the best size for your project. Simply email…


    Excellent European wood flooring collections. Prime & Boutique natural parquet
  • Endgrain

    Endgrain (4)

    Super durable, end grain & edge grain flooring is made out of real kiln dried wood. We make special a selection of timber for this exact type product. All trees must be matured in order for us to carry our specialization. We try to avoid large size knots of sapwood and heartwood parts. This special selection enables us to achieve…


    What is engineered flooring and why should you choose this type? This is a modern type of flooring constructed with multiple layers. The most common type of engineered flooring is 2-layered (double layered), where the top layer is made from solid wood veneer (usually 3-6mm thick) and the bottom layer is waterproof birch plywood. The second option, a very prestigious…
  • Herringbone Parquet

    Herringbone Parquet (32)

    7Brothers specialize in the installation of traditional herringbone parquet. We are proud to be maintaining such a high level of quality of this range for many years, receiving positive feedback and recommendations from parquet installers. The classic range of solid hardwood blocks are 230mm to 500mm (9" to 20") in length and 10 & 15 & 20mm in depth, making…

    SOLID (32)

    Have you ever considered installing solid wood flooring in your house. Should you consider it? Why? Here’s some basics you need to know. Solid wood flooring is a natural and healthy product that has been used by humans for ages. The natural appearance of the wood and its durability made the wood flooring the most desired type of flooring. This…
  • Versailles Parquet Panels

    Versailles Parquet Panels (3)

    We retain a wide range of solid and engineered versailles. Inspired by the French style, design flooring is made out of european oak, walnut and other species. We produce this unique flooring mainly by hand, carefully assembling all pieces together. We can achieve many additional features, including aged and distressed surfaces and edges; pegged connections; natural stone and ceramic implementation;…